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Zero down payment, Zero Interest: Own Your Home with Ease.

Affordable Monthly Instalments: Just $1200-CAD 1800.

Full Ownership in 5-8 Years: Your Dream Home, Sooner Than You Think.

Investment Opportunities: Secure Your Home and Canadian Immigration.

Gated Community: Safety and Security for Your Peace of Mind.

Community Centre: A Hub of Activities Just Minutes Away.

Green Living: Renewable Energy and Water Conservation Systems.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities: Everything You Need, Close to Home.

Abundant Green Spaces: Parks and Gardens at Your Doorstep.

AI Kitchen Box: Experience Hassle-free Home Gardening with Our Automated AI Kitchen Box.

Welcome to Alam Happy Town, a groundbreaking pilot project born from the research initiative “Principles of House and Town Development in Islamic Teaching and Contemporary Solutions.” This visionary project, set to launch in Canada, particularly addresses pressing issues faced by regions like Ontario and British Columbia.

Socially Desirable: With Canada grappling with a severe housing shortage, Alam Happy Town emerges as a socially imperative solution.

Politically Acceptable: Governments and political parties recognize the urgent need for affordable and healthy housing solutions, making Alam Happy Town politically viable.

Administratively Doable: Leveraging government initiatives like free land and inclusionary zoning, Alam Happy Town requires only administrative permissions for implementation.

Financially Viable: Utilizing factory-manufactured, low-cost homes with zero down payments and affordable mortgages, Alam Happy Town attracts both domestic and foreign investment.

Environmentally Sustainable: Grounded in eco-friendly principles, Alam Happy Town incorporates green spaces, natural surroundings, and renewable energy sources like wind, water, and solar power.

Technologically Feasible: Advanced technologies, including AI-powered kitchen gardens, ensure efficient resource management and sustainable living.

Judicially Tenable: By reducing conflict and promoting government oversight, Alam Happy Town fosters a harmonious and legally sound community environment.

Emotionally Relatable: Offering residents privacy, independence, and a strong sense of community amidst natural surroundings, Alam Happy Town promotes emotional well-being and resilience.

Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future at Alam Happy Town.

About Us:

At Alam Happy Town, we believe in creating communities that prioritize happiness, health, and well-being. Our vision is to offer affordable, sustainable, and inclusive housing solutions while fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Alam Happy Town integrates renewable energy systems, automated agriculture, and modern amenities to provide residents with a truly exceptional living experience.

Join us in building a brighter future, one happy home at a time. 


Affordable Living: Our unique financing options make homeownership accessible to everyone, with 0% down payment and monthly instalments starting at just CAD 1200 to 2200.

Investment Opportunity: Investors can secure a house and immigration to Canada with as little as CAD 200,000 to 300,000, offering both financial and lifestyle benefits.

Sustainable Living: Enjoy the benefits of renewable energy with wind and solar systems, ensuring eco-friendly and cost-effective living.

Community Living: Experience the charm of a gated community with a central community center, parks, and shared amenities designed to promote social interaction and well-being.

Automated Agriculture: Say goodbye to food insecurity with our AI Kitchen Box, which enables the automated cultivation of vegetables and fruits right in your home.

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Investment Opportunities:

Be a partner in our BWO Research International (15162394 Canada Inc.) and get immigration also in Canada.

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