International Conferences – Events

The purpose of international conferences and research events organized by BWO Research Pvt. Ltd. in both Pakistan and Canada is to establish dynamic platforms that foster global collaboration, knowledge exchange, and transformative innovation. These prestigious events serve as catalysts for bringing together researchers, scholars, academicians, industry leaders, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and geographies. Through these gatherings, BWO Research Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to facilitate intellectual discourse, the dissemination of cutting-edge research findings, and the exploration of emerging trends and challenges.

International Research Journals

The purpose of BWO Research Pakistan and Canada in publishing the “Journal of Academic Research for Humanities” and “Journal of World Research” is to foster scholarly exchange, promote rigorous academic inquiry, and disseminate high-quality research findings across Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines. These esteemed journals serve as reputable platforms for researchers, scholars, and academicians to publish their work and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. By maintaining a rigorous blind peer-review process and adhering to international 5-Stars standards of academic publishing, BWO Research ensures the integrity and credibility of the journals, attracting contributions from scholars worldwide. The achievement lies in establishing these journals as recognized and 21 indexed publications, facilitating wider readership, and making significant contributions to the academic community’s understanding and progress in the humanities and various research domains on a global scale.

Research Projects

The purpose of BWO Research Pakistan and Canada in conducting HEC-funded projects from 2017 to 2022 was to undertake impactful research initiatives that address critical societal challenges, advance knowledge, and contribute to academic excellence. These projects aimed to align with the Higher Education Commission’s strategic priorities and promote research-driven solutions for national and global development. The achievement lies in successfully securing and executing these competitive grants, conducting cutting-edge research, and delivering meaningful outcomes that have the potential to influence policy, industry practices, and the well-being of society. Through their dedication to research excellence, BWO Research established themselves as trusted partners in advancing research and development initiatives in both Pakistan and Canada.

Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence


The purpose of BWO Research Pakistan and Canada regarding innovative research on Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence development in 2024 is to drive cutting-edge advancements at the intersection of agriculture and artificial intelligence. The aim is to explore novel solutions and applications that optimize agricultural processes, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable practices. The achievement will be reflected in groundbreaking research outcomes that contribute to revolutionizing the agricultural sector through AI-driven technologies, fostering increased efficiency, resource optimization, and resilience in food production systems. By spearheading research in this domain, BWO Research aims to position itself as a leading authority in agricultural innovation, shaping the future of sustainable agriculture and artificial intelligence development for global benefit.

International Study Trips


The purpose of BWO Research Pakistan and Canada in organizing international study trips to Greece, Japan, China, Singapore, and Malaysia was to offer immersive and enriching learning experiences for students, researchers, and scholars. These study trips aimed to facilitate cross-cultural exposure, academic exploration, and practical insights into various fields of study. The achievement lies in successfully curating well-structured and informative study programs, providing participants with opportunities to engage with renowned institutions, experts, and unique cultural settings. By organizing these study trips, BWO Research facilitated valuable global learning experiences, fostering international collaborations and promoting a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices.