International Conference

CPEC, Sustainable Tourism Development for Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Organized by
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi & Karakoram International University, Gilgit

With the Collaboration of
Higher Education Commission, Islamabad
BWO Research Pvt. Ltd Pakistan

To be held on
September 14-15, 2023


Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Today’s transformational age is demanding our quick and exact steps. Tourism in Pakistan (Gilgit- Baltistan, Swat-Kalam, Lahore-Archaeology, Karachi-Gwadar, Cholistan-Cold Desert, and Religious-Diversity) is the core industry in the contemporary era which can generate finance and prosperity more than a European tourist country. “We are calling for papers on the projects that how, where, and in which areas of tourism, the women of Pakistan can participate and how they can get counseling and financial and technical help to empower themselves for the sustainable development of Pakistan.” We are taking on board the Ministers, Secretaries from governments, Chambers of Commerce, national and international universities, local grassroot level projectors, local religious places caretakers, and social media bloggers in the Conference being held in September 2023. Pakistan has the best hardworking and eager to do something with great Human Resources, an everrich culture, and evergreen values with a peaceful diversified environment. We need only one stand and that is projection. The conference will spring out at grassroots community participation businesses for sustainable development goals.

Objectives of the Conference:

1. Design and develop new academic programs for collaborative universities on “CPEC, Tourism, and Women Empowerment”
2. Share research outcomes with academia,governments, and the business community for women empowerment and Sustainable Tourism.
3. Exchange ideas to enhance academic collaboration and discuss solutions to problems related to the
implementation of CPEC projects on Tourism for Women Empowerment in the Long Term Plan.

Themes of the Conference:

a. Role of Academia for Tourism, Development of Supporting Industries, and the Local Economy
b. Digital Connectivity through IT on Tourism fo Women Empowerment
c. Sustainable Social Tourism Infrastructure, and Management for Women Development
d. Sustainable Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation through Women’s Participation
e. People-to-People Contacts and Civilizational Harmony through Religious Tourism

Themes Coordinators of the Conference:

a. Theme A: Dr. Sohail Rizwan, Department of Commerce
b. Theme B: Dr. Mukhtiar Bano, Department of Software Engineering
c. Theme C: Dr. Adeela Rehman, Department of Sociology
d. Theme D: Dr. Sana Zulfiqar, Department of Environmental Sciences
e. ThemeE: Dr. Nazia Zaman & Dr. Syed Aftab Alam, Department of Islamic Studies

2nd National Conference on 12th February 2023

Unity in Diversity: Promoting Peace through Interfaith Dialogue for a Sustainable Progressive Society

Organized by BWO Research Islamabad Pakistan
In Collaboration with Bahai Community, Islamabad

Concept Note:

Religion has the base for beliefs and practices in human life. All religions have one root as all human beings have one father and mother so contemporary religions have social similarities and harmonies. These similarities and harmonies are loveable and co-relational elements which gather human beings at one platform for promoting peace and interfaith dialogue for a sustainable progressive society.

The topic of the National Discourse, ‘Unity in Diversity’, refers to the oneness of humanity and the oneness of religions due to their founding similarities so the core objective of the “series of the events” is to provide such an environment to gather human beings from different religious communities to share their views on interfaith dialogues for a progressive society of Pakistan.

The discourse is included a concise presentation of high-profile academicians, religious scholars, and learned professors with a follow of in-depth discourse. The proceeding will be published in a recognized journal.




List of Guests & Organizers

  1. Dr Ikram Ul Haq (Presented)
  2. Dr Parveen (Presented)
  3. Christopher Sharaf (Presented)
  4. Majam Khan Kilashi Member (Presented)
  5. Dr Syed Tahir Shah (Presented)
  6. Group Captain (R) Mukhtar Ahmad (Presented)
  7. Zubair Sahib Noor (Presented)
  8. Dr Ghulam Hussain Babar (Presented)
  9. Prof. Mehrdad Yousuf (Presented)
  10. Dr. Seema Farzad (Presented)
  11. 26 Bahai Community Members
  12. Sayyed Sannan Hassan (Presented)
  13. Dr Syed Aftab Alam (Organizer)

“CPEC and Tourism for Women Development in Pakistan”
1st November 2022
10:00 am – 04:00 pm
Hall-1, PC Hotel, Rawalpindi





1o:00 am

The arrival of the Participants



10:20 Pm

Recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran

Dr. Khalid Aftab Ahmad Sulehri, President, International Human Rights Observer, UNO Panel, 100 travel, international dignitary, presidential award in social services


10:30 pm

Dr. Syed Aftab Alam is the Director of BWO Research and Assistant Professor of Social Reforms in World Religions and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan presented the Introduction of the Seminar. 


10:45 am

1st Keynote Speaker is one of our best friends and a great international scholar, Brig Fiaz Qamar. please share his views on “CPEC and Tourism for Women Development in Pakistan”


11:00 Pm

Dr. Safdar Ali Shah, Sword of Honor and was commissioned into the Army Education Corps, a Ph.D. in English.  Director of General Academics, and Director of General Publishing & Student Affairs. He has published twenty books. Guest of Honor, Excellency Dr Safdar Ali shah to please share your concerning views and tower the importance of the matter.


11:15 am

Humayun Iqbal Shami, chairman of Pakistan economic forum. presented CPEC in particular with deep analysis.


11:30 am

Open discussion form, Collaboration, partnership, and sponsor



12:30 am

At the end of this seminar, I will get a chance for VOTE of THANKS and pray for the future well-being of Academia and the Government of Pakistan.

Seminar Topic: “Origin, Beliefs, Practices and Religious Places”

Organizer: Dr. Syed Aftab Alam

Guest speakers:
Christopher sharaf
Jai Raam ji Maharaaj

 Date: 24-05-2022

Proceedings of the Event:
Program started with a recitation of the verses of the Quran which were recited by Qurat-ul-Ain (Student of MPhil I). The introduction of the topic and the guest was given by respected Dr Syed Aftab Alam. Later our first speaker was invited to the rostrum to shed light on his religion by himself. The program was ended with concluding remarks from HOD Dr. Farhana Mehmood.

First speaker: Christopher Sharaf: 
Christopher sharaf is the Senior Project Admin Officer & Security Manager Senior Project. Admin Officer & Security Manager (Christian Study Centre). The main points of his discussion were:

Main Practices:

Second speaker: Jai Ram Ji

Jai raam ji is the pandit in karishna mandir and a grade 14 employee of the government. Main points of his lecture were:

Comments of students on seminar:

Zakia bibi:
Yesterday lecture was so informative as we have learned much about the Christianity and Hinduism.

 **Explanation of Christianity by Sir Christopher:*

 *Origin* Christianity is derived from Judaism. It has been started as a sect in the 1st century. In 389 AD, there was a Roman empire who was Christian, Christianity is spread by him. Zoroastrian, the worshippers of sun, they used to go to different places, such as, Persian. Syntomas also traveled three times in caravans and during his land journey, he stayed at Taxila. So, he brought Christianity over here.

Fatima  Raza: 
Yesterday lecture was about origin beliefs and visiting places of Christianity and Hinduism Lecture of Christopher sharaf: Origin of Christianity starts from 66AD


Topic:       World Religions and Religious Places
Date:         15th June 2022
Time:        8:30 to 12:30 am
Venue:      Old Library Ext, FJWU, Rawalpindi
Collaboration: BWO Research

8:00 to 8:30                 Seating of Students and Faculty Members
9:00 to 9:05                 Arrival of the Guest
9:35 to 9:40                 Introduction to the Series of the Lectures
9:40 to 10:00               Lecture of Isfanyar Bhandara
10:00 to 10:20             Lecture of Satwant Singh
10:20 to 10:40             Lecture of Dr. Seema Farzad
10:40 to 10:50              Concluding Remarks
10:50 to 11:00              Vote of Thanks
11:00 to 11:10               Group Photo
11:20                             Departure of the Guests

National Seminar

CPEC and Tourism in Northern Pakistan

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Human history is patent that connections stimulate peace and love among humans even beyond the bars of faith, economy, or politics and roads are the most operative source of connection. Although Economy-political strings are settling the globe into only virtual connections intuitively physical connections are intensifying their worth. CPEC is one of the greatest historic connections for not only Economic-Political development but also for religious tourism toward interfaith harmony, peace, and love among humanity. Pakistan has not only prehistory cryptograms like Aryan, Barhaman, Iranian, and Greek religions but also ancient Christian, Buddha, Sikh, and Muslim tourist places like Takht-i-Bhai, Katas Raj, and Sadhu Bela Temple with Lake of Shiri’s Tears, Christ Church in Clarkabad, Cathedral Church of Resurrection, Sacred Heart Church, Faisal Masjid, Badshahi Mosque, Bari Imam, Data Darbar, Peer Panja and Baba Guru Nanak. Northern areas of Pakistan have tremendous tourist scenic places along with Chaqchan, Khilingron, Amburiq Mosques, Astana Syed Mir Muhammad, Sacred Rock of Hunza, Garnish, Kargah Buddha, Manthal Buddha Rock and Altit fort, etc. The newly discovered “Kavardo Cross” place is also a great tourist place to develop interfaith harmony, peace, and love, and the CPEC connection has fundamental importance to enhance Religious Tourism in Pakistan. (Organizer- Dr. Syed Aftab Alam)