Impact of Religion and Literature on Social Behavior: A Contemporary Research

1st National Conference on
30th November 2023 


Impact of Religion and Literature on Social Behavior: A Contemporary Approach

Organized by Government Graduate College Satellite Town, Rawalpindi
BWO Research Islamabad Pakistan

Concept Note:

Social behavior is how people interact with one another and influence others. These behaviors are greatly influenced by people’s beliefs and attitudes, which determine our actions. Beliefs that are widely accepted become part of our culture. Religion is probably the strongest belief system that has existed for thousands of years. It is defined as the rule book that allows believers to function in a cultured manner. Every society has different religions like Hinduism, Islamism, Christianity and furthermore. However, most religions and socio-political and economic systems have some thematic principles that influence the concepts of God, love, honesty, altruism, and peacemaking. The conference will investigate the correlation between religious, socio-political, socio-economic and literary approaches towards community behaviours for the development of a sustainable-progressive society.

High-profile professors and university administration are joining us at this national event. It provides a platform for academicians, PhD and MPhil scholars, early career lecturers and faculty members to share their knowledge and experience to make their place among their areas of study.

The conference will provide a great chance to publish your articles and conference proceedings in Open Access International Peer-Review HEC Recognized Journal worldwide. The presentation will be live on Facebook and remain on the world repository for your future reference.

The conference includes opening and closing ceremonies along with three parallel sessions. BWO Research Pakistan with the collaboration of the government college satellite town Rawalpindi welcomes you to register yourself and submit an abstract for early booking of your seat in this research-oriented conference.


  1. The Role of Interfaith & Intra-faith harmony in Social Behaviours
  2. Islamic Teaching and Social Behaviour
  3. Literature on Hate Studies and Social Behaviours
  4. Literature of Love & Peace and Social Behaviours
  5. Socio-Economic and Political Behaviours and Development of a Society

SDGs to Address:

The conference is based on the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 1:            To provide the baselines for inclusive and equitable quality education in Pakistan.

Goal 2:            To highlight the social behaviours to achieve Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Pakistan.

Goal 3:            To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable Economic Growth, Productive Employment and a Decent Work Environment for all in Pakistan.

 Goal 4:         To promote Peacefulness and inclusive societies for access to justice, accountable institutions of Pakistan.

Goal 5:          To build, promote, and strengthen the partnership for international research and development collaborations.


Thematic Paper presentation and Keynote speeches with a follow-up of the Conference Declaration.

Proceeding Publication:

A complete proceeding of the conference will be published in an HEC-recognized journal by the organizers of the conference.

Paper Publication HEC Y Category:

All accepted full papers will be published in an HEC-recognized “Y” Category International Journal after fulfilling the requisite policy of the journal, 15 days after the conference.