Keynote Speakers

Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor is Professor at the Dept of Islamic History and Civilization, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Currently, he is the acting head of the department. He served as the head of the department twice (April 2020-April 2022 & 2009-2012). He was the Deputy Director (Research & Development) at the Academy of Islamic Studies from 1 July 2012 to 20 January 2019. Dr. Roslan’s broad academic interests involve Islamicjerusalem Studies, the Middle East, Islam and multi-culturalism, Muslim affairs, religious studies and civilization. He has published several academic articles in international refereed journals. 

Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad Chishti is a prominent Islamic scholar based in the USA, known for his expertise as a Teacher, Writer, Columnist, and Motivational Speaker. With a deep commitment to spreading the message of Islam peacefully, he has become a respected figure in the Islamic community in the United States. For the past 10 years, he has been serving as the Head of Al Nabaa Institute of Islamic Studies in New York, USA. Dr. Chishti’s passion for education and knowledge dissemination has led him to engage in teaching, writing, and public speaking to promote a deeper understanding of Islam and its teachings. 

Professor Liyakat Takim is the Sharjah Chair in Global Islam at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. A native of Zanzibar, Tanzania, he has spoken at more than eighty academic conferences and authored one hundred scholarly works on diverse topics like reformation in the Islamic world, the treatment of women in Islamic law, Islam in America, the indigenization of the Muslim community in America, dialogue in post-911 America, war and peace in the Islamic tradition, Islamic law, Islamic biographical literature, the charisma of the holy man and shrine culture, and Islamic mystical traditions.